Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 2....almost through

So I wonder how long it will take me to 'learn' to sleep in? Having recently earned the title of 'unemployed' (by choice though), I thought for sure sleeping would be the best/easiest thing for me to conquer these days. For some reason, I haven't been able to sleep past 7am....

Thankfully I had a loooong list of errands/tasks to be completed today. I can say that they have been accomplished!

As far as the Kind Diet, I did very well today! I had a nice bowl of Mom's Granola for breakfast, an Amy's veggie burger for lunch, a peanut butter cup, and for dinner, sweet potato lentil stew, and Sicilian Collard greens with toasted pine nuts and was SOOOOO good. I have pictures, and will be posting them tomorrow. I feel like I ate too much. I am really suprised at how delicious this food really is. Looking forward to the future-hoping that I continue feeling this way (good, that is).

Exercise... 30minute wii fit weight loss routine medium difficulty. I have an inkling this is going to be one of those I-am-going-to-feel-this-later workouts. It was challenging but not impossible. Hoping to work up to an hour a day on the Wii by the end of this month.

*one thing I must mention.....I weighed myself today on my trusty digital scale and came up with 142. Note: do not weigh yourself in a store that sells scales. Bad idea.

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