Friday, February 5, 2010

holy frustration.....

it's time to try new food people!

I made the mixed berry cheesecake and while it was definitely didn't satisfy my sweet tooth. Of course, that could be because I had to use regular tofu instead of silken.

SO going through and assembling ingredients for a brand new round of recipes. Made the Tuna Salad (kinda) and that was delicious and Super hero! I have to be careful because I did notice my weight up one pound. However, that could be due to my 'female' time. That would also explain the increased moodiness.

I am trying to conjure up a polite way to tell my 'other half' to stop eating my vegan food. I am noticing a steep decline in my oatmeal. Go vegan or go home I say. He does ask at times, but I really just don't want him eating it at all....

So of course completed my wii fit routine for today....30 minutes of strength on 'hard' difficulty. I had full intentions of completing another 30 minutes tonight but I was actually productive this afternoon and evening....on the job search front that is. Made some progress with more applications and stuff....

What's on tap tomorrow? wii fit, grocery shopping, laundry....and cooking, cooking, cooking.

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