Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 3 triumphs and tragedies.....

I am probably exaggerating with the 'triumphs and tragedies' title-perhaps I need the attention?

My Triumphs thus far:

-I have a lot more energy
-I feel 'lighter'-walking for miles doesn't wind me like it used to
-The food is good and I really enjoy cooking different and 'new' meals
-I have found an awesome grocery store where I can buy 85% of the ingredients I need to make my food

My Tragedies:
-GAS o-m-g am I bloated!
-I feel like there has been an abundance of 'meat' commercials on TV
-Restaurant choices are limited
-Sometimes, I miss meat

In other happenings, I completed my Wii Fit strength routine (medium difficulty). It was difficult. At 8:00pm, I will be doing another 30 minute yoga routine. I feel like its only right to get in an hour of exercise every day. This is in addition to the 2 miles I logged completing various errands around the city.

I am looking forward to trying 2 new 'protein' type foods:


Has anyone out there worked with these and if so, in what way and in what dish?

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